Criminal Investigations

Detective_Unit_-_New.jpgThe Criminal Investigations Division of the Monroe County Office of the District Attorney consists of six full time detectives, including the Chief County Detective, and several part time detectives.

County Detectives are sworn police officers and are empowered to enforce the laws of the Commonwealth throughout Monroe County. 

Detectives are each assigned a specific type of crime to investigate, however, they are often called upon to investigate criminal activity outside of their particular specialty.  County Detectives initiate their own criminal investigations and make their own arrests similar to any other police department.

In 2015, the Detective Unit of the Office of the District Attorney conducted 283 criminal investigations and made 172 arrests - the vast majority of which were serious felony offenses ranging from the sale of illicit drugs to high value fraud cases to violent sexual predators and everything in between.

In addition, County Detectives assist local police departments and the State Police on a regular basis, as well as lend prosecutorial support to the Assistant District Attorneys as needed.

The Detective Unit coordinates and supervises the Monroe County Drug Task Force, the Monroe County Gang Task Force, and the Monroe County DUI Task Force.  County Detectives are all active participants in each Task Force.

In addition to each Detective's specialty, County Detectives are also tasked with the investigation of any crime committed on county property, including the Monroe County Courthouse and the Monroe County Correctional Facility.

2015 statistics for the Detective Unit are available on the statistics page.


Major Crime

The Major Crimes investigator of the Detective Unit investigates offenses such as homicide, arson, robbery, sexual assaults, and other major incidents.  

Detectives assigned to major crimes also assist the assigned prosecutor in preparing the case for trial.

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Cold Case investigations

Cold case investigators primarily focus on unsolved homicides and missing person cases where foul play is suspected in the person's disappearance.  

These investigators work closely with the law enforcement agency who originally began the investigation and the public in seeking new evidence and information that may lead to the solving of these cases.

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Financial Crime

Detectives assigned to investigate financial crime are charged with the duties of investigating selected acts of forgery, fraud, embezzlement, theft, contractor fraud, and other white collar financial crimes.

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Political Corruption

The Monroe County Office of the District Attorney investigates alleged acts of political corruption and criminal activity by public officials, both elected and appointed.  

All reports of suspected corruption or crimes committed by public officials is investigated with the strictest of confidence.

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Crime Against the Family

The Monroe County Office of the District Attorney has a detective assigned to investigate cases of domestic violence, child abuse, elder care crimes, and Protection From Abuse (PFA) violations.

Beyond just conducting criminal investigations, detectives assigned to investigated crimes against the family also offer support and guidance to victims in such cases.

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Internet and Computer Crime

The Cybercrime Unit of the Office of the District Attorney is responsible for the investigation of crime committed online, with a focus on Internet Crimes Against Children. 

As an affiliated agency of the Pennsylvania Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, detectives from the Office of the District Attorney proactively investigate the online trading of child pornography, child luring, and online child sexual exploitation.

In addition, the Internet and Computer Crime detective lends investigative assistance to local police departments in investigating any computer-related crime.

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Digital Forensics

The digital forensics program conducts specialized and highly technical examinations of computers, related media, and cell phones.  The primary mission of this program is to serve the digital forensic examination needs of local and state law enforcement agencies operating within Monroe County in the pursuit of justice and to provide evidence to investigators that would otherwise go unnoticed.

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Public Housing and Section 8 Fraud

The Office of the District Attorney, through a cooperative agreement with the Housing Authority of Monroe County, investigates reports of Public Housing and Section 8 fraud. 

The Housing Fraud investigator works closely with the United States Housing and Urban Development Office of Inspector General in investigating and prosecuting instances of theft and other fraud concerning the unlawful receipt of Public Housing or Section 8 benefits.

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Narcotics Unit

The Narcotics Unit of the Office of the District Attorney conducts investigations into the unlawful possession and sale of drugs in Monroe County.  The lead narcotics detective, along with the Chief County Detective, coordinate and supervise the Monroe County Drug Task Force.

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Monroe County Drug Task Force

The Monroe County Drug Task Force is a collaborative effort between Detectives from the Monroe County Office of the District Attorney, police officers from the Barrett Township Police Department, the Pocono Township Police Department, the Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department, the Stroud Area Regional Police Department, the East Stroudsburg University Police Department, and the East Stroudsburg Area School District Police Department, as well as Deputies from the Monroe County Sheriff's Office and Probation Officers from the Monroe County Office of Probation.

The mission of the Monroe County Drug Task Force is to combat the possession and sale of illegal drugs through a combined effort of all member agencies.

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Monroe County Gang Task Force

The Monroe County Gang Task Force is managed by the Office of the District Attorney, and includes County Detectives, as well as members from local police departments, the Pennsylvania State Police, the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, the Monroe County Office of Probation, Corrections Officers from the Monroe County Correctional Facility, Victim / Witness Advocates from the Office of the District Attorney, and caseworkers from Monroe County Children and Youth Services.

The Gang Task Force's mission is to prevent the proliferation of gangs in Monroe County through education, prevention, and enforcement, and to target gang-related crime.

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