Monroe County Drug Task Force

The Monroe County Drug Task Force is a collaborative effort between the Office of the District Attorney, other county law enforcement agencies, the Pennsylvania State Police, the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General, and local police departments focusing their combined efforts on combating the sale and possession of illegal drugs in our community.

The Drug Task Force is coordinated by Chief Detective Eric Kerchner and Detective Kim Lippincott of the Office of the District Attorney, and is comprised of detectives, deputies, and officers from:

  • Office of the District Attorney
  • Monroe County Sheriff's Office
  • Monroe County Office of Probation
  • Barrett Township Police Department
  • Delaware Water Gap Police Department
  • Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department
  • Pocono Township Police Department
  • Stroud Area Regional Police Department
  • East Stroudsburg University Police Department
  • East Stroudsburg Area School District Police Department

Funded entirely from grant money and forfeitures of property and money seized from drug dealers, the Drug Task Force operates at no cost to the county taxpayers.  


2014 Drug Task Force Stats

In 2014, Monroe County Drug Task Force operations resulted in:

Total Arrests


Possession w/ Intent to Deliver (Felony) 125                      
Marijuana 51
Heroin 47
Cocaine 15
Crack 4
Methamphetamine 4
Designer Drugs 2
Other Narcotics 2
Possession of Controlled Substance (Misdemeanor) 272
Marijuana 149
Heroin 62
Cocaine 19
Crack 4
Methamphetamine 3
Designer Drugs 1
Other Narcotics 13
Drug Paraphernalia 21


Total Drug Seizures



Marijuana   819 pounds  
Heroin   424 grams
Cocaine   465 grams
Crack   46 grams
Methamphetamine   15 grams
Designer Drugs   6 dosage units
Other Narcotics   248 dosage units
Drug Paraphernalia   185 items


Total Property Seizures


Weapons Seized                                                                                                      44                                         
Handguns 34
Rifles 5
Shotguns 5
Vehicles Seized 28
Approximate value of vehicles seized $106,300
Cash Siezures 64
Total dollar amount seized $119,247.65


Operations Conducted


Number of Arrests                              406               
Cases Initiated 319
Search Warrants Served 34
Organized Raids Conducted 27