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Tobyhanna Man Arrested After Meeting Prostitute at Police Station

July 13, 2017

On July 12, 2017, the Monroe County Office of the District Attorney Detectives spearheaded a large scale undercover prostitution sting. Once the sting was complete the night of the 12, detectives left the advertisement up to see what responses they would receive in an attempt to gain information on who attempts to hire prostitutes in Monroe County.

The morning of July 13, 2017, David Santos, 40, of Tobyhanna, contacted the advertisement they had posted. When he contacted the ad, Detective Kim Lippincott answered the phone. He began asking her if she was available and how much it would cost for sex. Lippincott engaged in conversation with him, ultimately arranging for an hour of sex in exchange for $180. The address she told him to go to was her office, the Monroe County Detective’s Center, located at 38 North Seventh Street in Stroudsburg Borough.

Initially, detectives believed he would show up and realize where he was, then leave, which would potentially deter him from attempting to hire a prostitute in the future. That wasn’t the case. Santos called the detective back and asked her if she wanted to party, boasting about the “snow” he had, meaning cocaine, and saying it was good stuff.

Now knowing that Santos not only was hiring a prostitute he was also bringing her cocaine, detectives set up, waiting for his arrival. He arrived at the police station, parked his car and put quarters in the meter. Detective Lippincott called him back to confirm it was him and he was ultimately apprehended on Seventh Street.

Once in custody he stated that there was no cocaine, that he was hoping the prostitute had some. Police searched his car and found two baggies of cocaine which he then admitted were his, which he brought to share with the prostitute.

Santos has been charged with possession with intent to deliver cocaine, patronizing a prostitute, criminal use of a communication facility (a cell phone), receipt of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. 


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